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The Doctors

Dr. Tony Jimenez

Dr. Tony Jimenez, M.D.

Founder & Medical Director, Hope4Cancer Institute

Dr. Jimenez has over 25 years of experience in alternative and conventional medicine, and speaks and writes both English and Spanish fluently. Dr. Jimenez offers over 20 different treatment modalities and protocols designed to support and rebuild the immune system through a variety of mechanisms. He welcomes the challenge of bringing recovery to patients suffering from all diseases, including cancer, heart disease and other chronic degenerative conditions. Even though trained as a conventional physician, he feels strongly that there are better protocols to treat chronic conditions other than with radiation, surgery and chemotherapy.



Director of Integrative Medicine, Hope4Cancer Institute

He is an expert in the field of integrative and complementary medicine, both for chronic degenerative diseases as well as in the field of primary care for cancer patients through functional, integrative and complementary medicine. Dr Curiel has long term experience in the administration of Oxygen Therapies, Functional Medicine, Ozone Therapy, Hyperthermia Therapy as well as medical and nutritional supplementation. Dr. Curiel utilizes both integrative and complementary approaches to medicine, including medical nutritional supplementation support, besides working with traditional medicine approaches to provide all round care for our patients. He will be looking after patients on a daily basis and also providing support to Hope4Cancer's After Care program.



Medical Supervisor, Hope4Cancer Institute

Dr. Quintana brings to Hope4Cancer fourteen years of experience in the treatment of cancer patients using alternative medicine techniques. He is an expert in IPT (Insulin Potentiation Therapy), having done over 1800 sessions, taught by the pioneer family of IPT, Dr. Donato Perez. Dr. Quintana's tremendous reservoir of knowledge and expertise adds value to all our patients as he attends to them on a daily basis. Dr. Quintana also supervises our able doctor and nursing staff at the clinic who benefit from his experience.



Staff Physician, Hope4Cancer Institute

Dr. Victorio provides supportive and compassionate medical care to patients on a daily basis with her diversified training and extensive experience. The patients at Hope4Cancer Institute refer to her as Dr. Angelica or Dr. Angel because of her warm and caring nature. Dr. Angelica earned her degree as a General Practitioner from the University of Baja California, as well as degrees in Cardiology, Emergency Medicine and Sexual Dysfunctions. During her hours away from Hope4Cancer Institute, she enjoys spending time with her family. Dr. Angelica shares our interest in the research and science of cancer. She is pleased to be offering the featured treatments of Hope4Cancer Institute to patients in an area of medicine where they typically have limited treatment options.

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