Because the two together work better than either alone.

Have You or Your Loved One Been Diagnosed with Cancer?

Photodynamic Therapy

Sono Photo Therapy in usePDT is photodynamic therapy. Photodynamic means activated by photons (light). The substance that gets activated is called a sensitizer. In our clinic, we use PDT both systemically and semi-locally. Systemically means it is used to treat the whole body, and semi-locally means it is used to treat a fairly large local area of the body. This is in contrast to surgery and radiation therapies, which are both by necessity, local therapies. The surgeon removes a single tumor or "lump", and the radiation therapist treats a small area of the body. These therapies are too damaging for extensive use.

Sonodynamic Therapy

SDT is sonodynamic therapy. It is similar to PDT except that the sensitizer is activated by sound rather than by light. SDT is a semi-local therapy.

Why two therapies?

Because the two together work better than either alone. Our general strategy is to intensively treat the areas where cancer is present or is likely to be present with the semi-local PDT and SDT, and the whole body with less intense systemic PDT. "If the cancer can be anywhere, we have to treat everywhere". SDT should do best with deeper tumors, because the body transmits sound better than light. Further, there is research evidence that both therapies used together are more effective than light alone.

What are the elements of PDT/SDT?

PDT/SDT needs three things before it can work:

  • A sensitizer that is selectively absorbed by cancer cells, and is rapidly cleared from healthy cells.
  • A source of energy (light or sound) that can activate the sensitizer.
  • Oxygen to react with the activated sensitizer to form free radicals in the cancer cells.

The energy sources we use are:

  • A light treatment bed fitted with full spectrum light, which illuminates the whole body.
  • A laser device with specific frequency and intensity applied directly over the affected areas.
  • An ultra sound instrument that generates low intensity ultra sound energy.

The Sensitizer

SP-Activate becomes attached to all forms of cancer cells in the body.. The technical explanation of this is that cancer cells are anaerobic and The therapy is positively charged.

SP-Activate also attaches itself to healthy cells. However if a 24 hour period is allowed to elapse then The therapy leaches from healthy cells. SP-Activate is activated by light, sound and lasers. It is most effective against superficial cancers such as prostate, breast and skin, as these are within easy range of light, sound and lasers. In combination with hyperthermia sono-photo dynamic therapy has shown effectiveness against heavy deep tumors such as bowel and ovarian cancers. It is also very effective against small tumors such as metastases particularly bony metastases. We are now using it in the treatment of liver metastases and lung metastases.

Following surgical removal of uterine and bowel tumors SP-Activate is very effective against remaining metastases. We attach protocols for prostate and breast cancers. We are developing a particular skin paste of SP-Activate for use against skin cancers. The small skin cancers are more receptive to paste and activation of said paste by light and sound. The heavier cancers need whole body treatment. In this way cancers such as melanoma etc. can be treated particularly if accompanied by judicious surgery.

All cancer improvements are measured by independent mechanical means such as scans, M.R.I.,sonogram, tumor markers, immunology markers etc. Obviously the patient's clinical condition is taken into consideration such as weight-gain, energy gain, appetite and most importantly gain in life affirmation. We recognize that there is not only a patient involved but a whole circle of family, friends and acquaintances.

We know that cancer patients world-wide are seeking "another way". We do not offer alternative treatment. Alternative treatment is very successful in increasing the body's immune system but it does not offer a system which recognizes and attracts any cancer cells wherever they may be. SP-Activate offers a mainstream system which differs only from conventional therapy in that it has not yet been recognized in some countries such as the U.S.A.

However in the 25 countries of the EU - population 370 million every registered and licensed physician is allowed to use the sensitizer system under certain highly defined guidelines.

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